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Activities and Games 

Here you will find downloadable worksheets, inspirational images and other resources which can help you while you are isolated. 

click the logo to go to the organisation's website 

Some have been created by Open Minds and IMP;ACT, and where possible we have credited the source of those we did not create ourselves. 

Everytime you see the lightbulb it means there is a link to a downloadable resource
- click the lightbulb for a bright idea! 

Save your milk bottles. 

Clean them and use marker pen to turn them into garages for toys, or racing starter posts for kids! 

activities and games for kids 

activity weekly planner school.jpg

create a simple weekly plan to help you pace your time out, that way you don't give yourself too much or too little to do 

make salt dough crafts 

activity sheet missions.jpg

these work as conversation starts as well as ideas for kids to write about in their journals 

take a virtual adventure ride or rollercoaster ! 

activity sayings USA.jpg

try and work out what the sayings are (this is American, so put your thinking (baseball) cap on! 

listen to a kids' audio book as a family 

activity 90s song puzzle.jpg

guess the 90s songs from the picture clues - one is "genie in a bottle" 

make your own song videos - a fun and educational music maker 

activity colour mandala.png allows you to choose mandala templates to print out and colour in, all free 

mandala making app 

activity family hand prints.jpg

Each person in your household draws around their hand in a different colour. Cut them out and stick them together 

free drawing templates for older children 

activity potato printing.jpg

Potato printing is ver simple; cut a shape out of a raw potato and then use it to stamp paint onto your paper 

free and fun recipes that are easy to make with kids 

activity handprint cacti.jpg

Handprint plants and flowers are great fun 

lots of fun activities 

Camel and Pyramids

tour the pyramids of Egypt from your home! 

a PDF with loads of links 

Sign Language Course

teach yourself level one British Sign Language 

ideas for thanking keyworkers 

Pinwheel Kids

61 different kids activities 

fun activities for young children 

Kids Running

creative activities 

Kids Playing with Lego
activity pebble art.jpg

Find pebbles on your daily walk and paint them to be cute animals. 

Leave them on your next walk for other kids to find! 

free activities and downloadable drawing sheets for kids  
logo thumbs-up-bigger-image.jpg

free drawing 

resources to download

and display to say

"thank you" 

to your local


lots of free kids games to build mental health 

activity sheet scavenger hunt.jpg

try a scavenger hunt around your house - use your imagination and create your own! 

take a sunlit walk via youtube 

activity figures of speech.jpg

try and work out what the sayings are, there are 27 created by the illustrator, but we found 47 ! 

do a word search online 

activity 80s song puzzle.jfif

guess the 80s songs from the picture clues - one is "walking on sunshine" 

make your own music (app) and cartoon music videos 

logo supercoloring.png

downloadable drawings, dot-to-dots and tutorials for art and developing your skills 

free downloadable colouring pages 

activity lego.jpeg

a Lego prompt to build, one every day for 30 days ! 

Or take your time and make them last even longer 

free Disney downloadable colouring pages 

activity sensory play.jpg

Sensory boxes can be fun to make and also a relaxing, calming resource when your kids are stressed 

build an amazing den 

thankfulness flags (15).jpg

Thankfulness flags are a great way to use up old clothes, and keep the kids busy for a few hours 

earn a Blue Peter Badge 

Teenagers Hiking in Forest

field trips to London, Yorkshire attractions and more! but in the comfort of your own home 

Lots of great resources and activities from mumbler 

Kids Drawing

bunting ideas and more 

Kid's Drawings

amazing activities for kids 

Kids Gardening

links and more 

Playful Kids

This guide provides families with numerous ideas for entertainment without breaking the bank

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